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About Henderson for Henderson, Nevada and Area

When you want to know Henderson, Nevada

Overview of Henderson, Nevada, United States

Henderson, Nevada can be found 5 miles southeast of the great city of Las Vegas. Henderson has a population of around 224 829 people and contributes to the economy of Nevada enormously. The true Nevada culture shines through each community member in the city of Henderson, with their knowledge and hospitality. Within the city there are many events and attractions to been seen and enjoyed by all.

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  • Population: 224 829
  • Population Density: 2200.8/mi²
  • Area: 79.7/mi²
  • Latitude: 36°1?45?N
  • Longitude: 115°1?31?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 538
  • Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Henderson, Nevada

The city of Henderson, Nevada has had a short, but interesting history. Henderson, being newer then most cities in Nevada was incorporated as a city during WWII when people began to slumber around the area in search of gold. It was not gold that they found but Magnesium. The mass amount of magnesium that was found in the area was enough to push people to become civilized in this specific area. The city celebrated it's 50 anniversary in the year 2006. Henderson was also the town site of the PEPCON disaster in 1988, where the Pacific engineering production company of Nevada suffered from a major chemical fire, and cost the United States an estimated $100 million in damages.

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Henderson's Demographics

The total population of people living within the Henderson city limits lays at 224 829 where as just five years prior the population was 175 381, The city is growing quickly and diversely. Henderson is home to many different cultures and demographics show that 10.71% of the population are numerous visible minorities. The average age for Henderson citizens is 36 years old, which is a fairly young community. Henderson is working to prevent poverty within the community, while 5.6% of the population remains below the poverty line.

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Henderson's Climate

The city of Henderson, NV is found in a hot arid dessert and in turn receives very little to no rain and hot dry weather. The sun shines in Henderson between 300 and 325 days a year, where the suns rays can reach temperatures up to 115 degrees. When looking at the annual precipitation and snowfall in Henderson it is known that there is only between 4.5 inches of rain per year and no snow fall. The city experiences low humidity due to the dryness of the land and results in a 27% annual humidity rate.

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Education in Henderson, Nevada

The city of Henderson relies on the sources of the Clark County District School Board, with their education, and facilities. The city of Henderson is home to 29 elementary, five public high schools, four private high schools, and nine middle schools. Henderson is also home to some impressive post-secondary schools such as the Touro University of Nevada, and Nevada State University.

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Transportation around Henderson, Nevada

Residents and tourists of Henderson are served by many different transportation methods. Henderson is home to the Henderson Executive Airport which can meet your destination needs, whatever they might be. Henderson is also an easy place to catch a cab in the modern business scene.

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Tourism and Attractions of Henderson

The city of Henderson is a highly visited city in the state of Nevada. The city takes great pride in their history, art, and heritage, and reflects that in the many museums that Henderson is home to. Some of the most interesting and most visited places in Henderson are The Art Emporium, Green Valley Ranch resort & spa, Veterans Wall, Wild Horse golf club, Clark County museum, and Henderson Pavilion.

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Surrounding Communities

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Geography of Henderson, Nevada

The city of Henderson, Nevada is found amongst a desert type climate. The total land mass for the city is 79.7miles squared, none of which is covered by any sort of water body. The cities geography shows that the city is surrounded by a red sand, and large rock cuts and ridges that are famously used in western themed movies.

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Henderson's Government

The city of Henderson, Nevada has a specific form of government for their specific needs. The government of Henderson includes a City Manager, a City Attorney, and a City Clerk who are all appointed, a Mayor and four councilors.

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Henderson's Economy and Industry

The city of Henderson, Nevada is home to their very own City Economic Development Division, which is focused on helping businesses get the best out of their hard work, and improve the economy while they do it. The primary industries in Henderson are tourism, mining, print and publishing and machinery work.

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Henderson's Culture and Significant Events

Henderson Nevada is home to many creative, and cultural events which take place annually within the city. Some of the most alluring musicals and plays, celebrations and festivals can experienced in Henderson, Nevada. Some of the most significant events in Henderson are the Great Russian Nutcracker, Impressions by Leeanne Davis, Native American Heritage month, Coffee Shop Sundays with Gary Oakes and Lou Garcia, Theater in the Valley, and Jazz on the Lake.

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Sports in Henderson, Nevada

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Media of Henderson

The city Henderson has a small media guide stationed within the city, but offers as much information as possible about Henderson and sister city Las Vegas. The most popular newspaper found in Henderson is the Henderson Home News!

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